Shizukesa Handmade Katana

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The Shizukesa Katana have been fully designed by us to give you the best quality without the premium price. All of the Entry series feature differentially clay tempered 1060 steel blades making them suitable for cutting of Bottles, Tatami Mats and even Bamboo, So while the name may say Basic, the blade is capable of a good level of cutting.

Featuring a black Saya with white cotton sageo and ito this sword has a distinctive look that works well on display but is also fully functional, The tsuba features a yin & yang style with the handle featuring a bow samurai menuki and a genuine black rayskin wrap. The blade is damascus 1045 High Carbon steel with a traditional clay temper With no Bo-Hi.

Overall Length - 102cm
Blade Length - 69cm
Blade Thickness - 7.4mm
Tsuba Material - Iron
Fuchi & Koshirae Material - Alloy
Seppa Material - Brass

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Shizukesa Hand Made Katana


Additional Information

Overall Length 102cm
Blade Length 69cm
Handle Material Real Rayskin
Ito and Sageo Black Cotton
Tsuba Alloy
Steel Clay Tempered 1045 Damascus
Saya Lacquered Black