Kanetsune Akatsuki Japanese Field Knife

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Kanetsune Knife Care
Kanetsune field knives are made from Japanese premium high carbon steel called "Blue steel" or " White Steel". Like other high carbon steels these also have to be maintained and Kanetsune recommends that the knife is whipped down after every use and when finished using for the day just dampen a cloth with Camellia oil and wipe the blade.
In the event that your Kanetsune knife goes rusty it may still be cleaned and wipped down with an rust removing clean. Kanetsune recommends one called "Northman rust clean"

The Kanetsuki Akatsuki has a name with various meanings. For one it is also the name of an ancient organization of 9 volunteer ninjas that where either rogue or exiled out of there country.  The other meaning Akatsuki is a translation which is "Dawn or Daybreak"

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Kanetsune Akatsuki Japanese Field Knife


Additional Information

Manufacturer Kanetsune
Overall Length 9.45"
Blade Length 4.93"
Handle Material Oak Wood
Steel White Carbon Steel
Sheath Material Wooden Sheath with Leather straps