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Hunters Tactical Field Machetes - Blaze a Trail

Hunters tactical Field machetes are available in a range of styles and sizes with razor sharp precision ground blades for unbeatable cutting performance. Unlike commercial machetes, our tactical Field combat machetes are both tough and robust, the generous blade thickness and broad full tang construction is your guarantee of a low maintenance and a trouble free lifespan.

RUI tactical Field machetes have SFL handles that offer excellent grip whilst being incredibly comfortable in the hand. Both the RUI 32027 and 32024 Machetes have an aggressive saw back that eats through vines and branches and also include hand securing straps. All our tactical Field machetes include heavy duty nylon sheaths.

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  1. FALCRAN Tactical Kukri

    FALCRAN Tactical Kukri


    The J & V brand as one of the best survival and bushcraft knives that exist in the world are appreciated by Military personnel , forestry, security and survival teams. These are only some of the forces that use our knives to perform their daily tasks. J & V was one of the first national brands pioneers in the use of technical and aesthetic innovations such as cryogenic tempering, luminescent mate ...Learn More
  2. Ontario Kukri

    Ontario Kukri


    Ontario Knife Company is one of the few remaining American bayonet manufacturers and the sole source of the military deployed OKC3S bayonet. Complementing our legacy of military issued bayonets, which include the M9 and the storied M7, Ontario Knife's tactical blades include the Air Warrior Program's ASEK survival knife, the FF 6, OKC's Kukri and the Navy-issued Mark III
    ...Learn More

  3. Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

    Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

    Regular Price: £27.99

    Special Price: £22.99

    The Gator Machete sports Gerber's proprietary Gator rubber grip for ergonomic control while using either the fine edge blade on one side, or the saw on the other. The riveted, nylon sheath provides safe, durable transport.

    Overall Length: 18.75"
    Blade Length: 10.75"
    Weight: 14.30 0z.
    Head: ...Learn More

  4. Gerber Kukri Machete

    Gerber Kukri Machete

    Regular Price: £54.99

    Special Price: £47.99

    Based on a centuries old tool native to Central Asia, the Gator Kukri has three parts to its blade; a pointed tip for poking, a wide midsection for chopping, and a narrow area near the handle for whittling and carving. The Kukri is the tool of central Asia, traditionally carried for protection and as a utility tool. The Gator Kukri features full tang construction combined with ...Learn More

  5. K25 Jaws Machete

    K25 Jaws Machete


    K25 knives are supplied with incredibly sharp blades as standard. The stainless steel used in the construction of our knives is selected for hardness, blade retention and anti-corrosion properties.

    All K25 knives in our collection are all Titanium coated, ensuring that each blade has met the highest standards in hardness and depth of penetration....Learn More

  6. Kershaw Camp10 TAN Machete

    Kershaw Camp10 TAN Machete


    The Camp 10 is the ideal outdoor and survival tool which makes short work of tasks. Cutting, slashing, hacking, spliting and scraping means clearing brush to making kindling is so much easier. The full-tang Camp 10 is made of carbon tool steel for toughness and wear resistance with a basic black powdercoat to protect the steel and aid maintenance.

    You'll like the secure, contoured gr ...Learn More

  7. Kershaw 7006CU NATRIX COPPER

    Kershaw 7006CU NATRIX COPPER



    The Kershaw Natrix is based on brother brand Zero Tolerance’s 0770, which itself was inspired by the award-winning ZT 0777.

    Like other Natrixes, this one features a drop-point blade that offers solid performance. But it also offers upgraded D2 blade steel. This high-carbon tool steel is highly wear resistant, tough, and offers ...Learn More

  8. Kershaw DECIMUS 1559

    Kershaw DECIMUS 1559


    Based on Rick Hinderer’s Maximus, the new Kershaw Decimus offers a heroic look—and makes for a very distinctive EDC.

    The 8Cr13MoV blade is a single-edge bayonet grind with BlackWash™ finish for a handsomely dangerous look. It opens quickly and easily with SpeedSafe® assisted opening. The flipper itself is mirrored by a symmetrical protrusion on the back side of the ...Learn More

  9. Kershaw NATRIX Carbon Fiber 7007CF

    Kershaw NATRIX Carbon Fiber 7007CF


    This uptown Natrix features blue-gray G10 handles with a classy carbon-fiber overlay. Gray titanium carbo-nitride coating adds style and blade protection to the quality 8Cr13MoV blade.

    The Kershaw Natrix is based on brother brand Zero Tolerance’s 0770, which itself was inspired by the award-winning ZT 0777. Like other Natrixes, this one features a drop-point blade that offers soli ...Learn More

  10. Kershaw OUTRIGHT 8320

    Kershaw OUTRIGHT 8320


    Kershaw decided to go blue sky on this one. Literally. The durable and scratch-resistant PVD coating on the Outright is bright blue—and the color is definitely the first thing that you will notice about this attractive pocketknife.

    But there’s a lot more to the Outright. Its upswept blade makes it an excellent slicer, while the 8Cr13MoV blade steel ensures good edge retentio ...Learn More

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