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The Walking Dead, Michonne Katana

Hunters Knives brings to you 2 versions of the Michonne Katana used in the most popular undead series " The Walking Dead". We have a straight version with a non live blade and the top end hand made version which is absolutly stunning.

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  1. The Walking Dead Hand Made

    Handmade The Walking Dead Sword


    The Michonne's hand made sword has a very nice leather saya with adjustable shoulder strap just like in the one in the series of the walking dead. It also comes in a black cloth case. This sword has a live, sharp blade.

    The blade is a thick carbon steel measuring 28 inches (71cm), the overall length is 3ft 3 inches (99cm). The handle is wrapped with white ...Learn More

  2. Straight Walking Dead Sword

    Straight Walking Dead Sword


    Out of stock

    From the aclaimed series of the Walking Dead comes the decorational replica of the samurai sword. The Walking Dead Samurai Sword is a straight decorational version with all it´s decorational details. With an overall length of 40.9" and a wopping 25.8" blade it becomes the perfect collecionist item. 

    UK dispatched...Learn More

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