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Fatwood comes from pine tree stumps that contain a large amount of resin. It lights quickly, burns hot, and is wind and moisture tolerant. Our Fatwood is 100% natural and grown right here in Georgia, USA. It is recovered from the lumber industry as waste and repurposed as the tinderTIN™ fire-starting materials. Carry one of our fatwood tinderTIN™ with you, and you'll never be without easy-to-light tinder.

Exotac tested a large range of tinder both natural and synthetic and these two came out on top when evaluated on flammability, water resistance and burn time. The fatwood shavings can be easily lit with an open flame or with a little practice, a ferrocerium fire starter like our nanoSTRIKER™. The fatwood splinters are best lit with another tinder such as fatwood shavings, cotton balls, dry grass, or an open flame.

Stack the fatwood splinters log-cabin-style to increase the available oxygen. Light the thinnest portion of the splinter: typically the end of the splinter where it is sharpest

Durable, reuseable tin with screw on lid
Repurposed waste from lumber industry
Made from domestic organic materials
Ignites quickly and burns hot
Wind and moisture tolerant

Shaving Tin: Gross Weight - 1.3oz
Splinters Tin: Gross Weight - 2.5oz

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