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DD Hammocks Essential Bushcraft Tarps

Stay out of the wind and rain or keep in the shade with a spacious bushcraft tarp or a large group shelter from Snugpack and DD Hammocks. Lightweight and versatile bushcraft tarps that can be used in many different ways and offer a great place to shelter or set-up your base camp. With a range of sizes available there's plenty of choice and even a super light weight version that's ideal for those long treks. All DD Hammocks tarps have plenty of reinforced side attachment points and are made from 190T polyester with a special PU coating to keep them completely waterproof, even in the heaviest storms.

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  1. Snugpak Stasha Tarp

    Snugpak Stasha Tarp


    The Snugpak® Stasha is a new and improved concept of the original British Basha and the very popular Snugpak All Weather Shelter. But unlike the bulkier British Basha and All Weather Shelter the Stasha was made with newer lighter weight materials so as to achieve its impressive pack size. Because of its remarkable size it can be stashed away in a BDU cargo pants pocket, a backpack, a fanny ...Learn More

  2. DD Tarp 3x3

    DD Tarp 3x3


    It is ultralight and has 16 tough, reinforced side attachment points plus 3 tough centre attachment points (total of 19) making it extremely versatile.
    This tarp can be seen used by Chris Ryan (ex British SAS) in very, very extreme monsoon conditions in the Amazon rainforest on'Alone in the Wild' aired on Discovery Channel on 02.11.11.

    Also used by some of the top bushcraft and ...Learn More

  3. DD Tarp XL

    DD Tarp XL


    Looking for a group shelter, a very spacious shelter for yourself or a large, lightweight and versatile Tarp that can be set-up in many different ways? This is it!

    The DD Tarp XL is a massive 4.5m x 3m tarp! As with our other tarps there are 16 side attachment points which are now reinforced and very tough + 3 centre (ridge) line attachment points.

    With a total of 19 attac ...Learn More

  4. DD Tarp 4x4

    DD Tarp 4x4


    We received a number of requests for a tarp for group shelters, so we made this tarp!

    It really is massive, considerably larger than our XL Tarp, and is really best suited to e.g. group shelters and work areas rather than as a one person hammock shelter.

    As with all our other tarps this tarp has 19 attachment points and can be set-up in many different configurations.
    ...Learn More

  5. DD Tarp M

    DD Tarp M


    The DD Tarp M is 3.5m x 2.4m and is the same tough design as our other tarps with strong attachment points (19 in total, as with all our tarps) allowing it to be set-up in many different configurations.

    12 tough reinforced attachment points along the sides
    4 reinforced corner attachment points
    3 loops attachment points running along the rid ...Learn More

  6. DD Tarp S

    DD Tarp S


    DD Tarp S is very light and very compact at 2.8m x 1.5m and just 450g.

    We don't recommend this Tarp for hammock camping - it is really for people looking for a lightweight ground dwelling shelter/ or day tarp that can be put in your jacket pocket. For hammock camping our larger tarps offer better coverage.

    As with all DD Tarps the new DD Tarp S comes with ...Learn More

  7. DD SuperLight Tarp

    DD SuperLight Tarp


    The DD SuperLight Tarp has 19 attachment points like our other tarps which allows it to be set-up in hundreds of different ways! It can be used as a hammock tarp, set-up on the ground as a'tent', group shelter and many more uses!

    Weighing only 460g and packing up very small it is ideal for anyone looking to cut their pack weight down to an absolute minimum. Made from strong ripstop n ...Learn More

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