DD Hammock Mosquito Net

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Quick Overview

The Bushmasters Hammock Mosquito Net. Make your no-net hammock (such as our Camping or Scout Hammocks) mosquito/midge proof!

The Bushmasters Hammock Mosquito Net completely cocoons your hammock:

The lightweight compact poles spread the net at each end
A zipped entrance keeps all insects well away

Imagine it as a long sleeve with a small opening at either end!

The hammock webbing is fed through each end so the hammock is completely cocooned. Small cords at either end allow the ends to be tied tight (insect proof) while attached elastic cord suspends the net to a tarp or tree.

The top spreader poles spread the net to around 60cm side to side, providing plenty of insect free space inside.

Size: Suitable for all DD Hammocks (up to 2.7m long)
Colour: Olive Green
Weight: 550g
Includes: Elastic cord, 2 x Spreader Bars