Revolver Dan Wesson 2.5"

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Compact and elegant. This 2.5 "chrome revolver licensed by Dan Wesson offers realistic shooting fun in a practical size. It has authentic markings and an individual serial number stamped on the frame. The revolver features a dual action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for additional realism and precision The Dan Wesson revolver is made of metal, except for the ergonomic handle made of hard ABS plastic.The 12 g CO2 cartridge is stored in the handle and can be easily accessed by sliding the handle backwards, Easy loading Each of the 6 cartridges contains a 4.5mm BB and is placed in the rotating metal cylinder as each round is fired.The revolver comes with a fast magazine, a tactical track and 6 cartridges.

-Length: 210 mm / 8.4 inches
-Cannon length: 65 mm / 2.6 inches
-Loader capacity: 6 shots
-Standard charger: ZCP110B-MAG
-Output speed: 197-107 ms / 3 18 fps.
-Weight: 870 gr.
-Energy: 2 joules.

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Revolver Dan Wesson 2.5"