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Keep your crossbow equipment safe with a bag, sleeve or case. For as little as £19.99 you can help protect your crossbow from dust and scratches whilst providing the perfect storage environment for your bow. We've a great range from some of the best brands, including the Carbon Express CX Slimline crossbow case which offers plenty of storage without the bulk, the Excalibur Basic crossbow sleeve that's great for the field, to the very affordable Armex crossbow bag that seems to have it all for just £34.99.

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  1. Large Crossbow Padded Bag

    Large Crossbow Padded Bag

    Regular Price: £37.99

    Special Price: £29.99

    A large, padded crossbow bag that will hold our larger crossbows such as our Jaguar, Panther and Legend ranges. With an addition pocket on the front that will hold up to 20 inch bolts and twin shoulder straps, this is the ideal storage system for larger bows.

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  2. Carbon Express Case Crossbow CX Padded

    Carbon Express Case Crossbow CX Padded


    Your crossbow can withstand some rough handling in the field, but you'll want a good compound bow case to protect it during storage and transport. The CX Padded Crossbow Case will keep your bow safe and secure. Equally important, it will also prevent the sharp points and edges of your crossbow from damaging other items at home or en route.

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  3. Carbon Express Case Crossbow CX Slimline

    Carbon Express Case Crossbow CX Slimline


    You need a good crossbow case to protect your crossbow during storage and transport. But bow cases can be bulky, and space is often at a premium when travelling to and from. The CX Slim Line Crossbow Case features a slimmer, sleeker design, but rest assured it will still hold your bow and all necessary accessories. Multiple pockets included.

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  4. Neet Case Crossbow XC-104

    Neet Case Crossbow XC-104


    The Neet TM XC-104 Realtree AP HD Crossbow Case. is a top notch protection for taller full-sized crossbows with accessories, not need to take of your quiver or others.

    Premium padded protection, a first class ride for your full-sized bow! A full 1/2" padding all the way around, with extra in the scope and stock areas for added protection where it's needed most. Super-soft brushed tricot l ...Learn More

  5. Pistol Crossbow Case

    Pistol Crossbow Case

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price: £19.99

    Why not look after your pistol crossbow the same way you would look after a big crossbow? Finally a quality made pistol crossbow case made to fit the Cyclone, Tomcat, Scorpion and many more. The Pistol Crossbow bag is very padded to give your pistol a good protection and it also includes a front pocket to be able to carry some extras or spares.

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  6. Excalibur Case Crossbow Basic

    Excalibur Case Crossbow Basic


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    The Excalibur Basic crossbow bag is made with a durable camouflage fabric, the unlined crossbow case will protect your bow and conform to state or provincial game laws. Durable carrying straps make it easy to maneuver on your way to your stand. A very simple but efficient design.

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  7. Excalibur Case Crossbow Deluxe

    Excalibur Case Crossbow Deluxe


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    The Semi-Rigid Deluxe T-Form Padded Crossbow Case is designed as an inexpensive, lightweight, and portable option to bulky solid cases. It will securely hold and protect your Excalibur crossbow in its foam-lined interior and has handy pockets to hold a full quiver and accessories.

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  8. Horton Crossbow Case

    Horton Crossbow Case


    Out of stock

    This soft case ensures perfect protection for travel and/or storage of your Horton reverse or forward draw crossbow. The case has sturdy side panels for added depth to accommodate mounted optics and an additional zippered storage compartment for arrows, quiver, and other accessories. A removable shoulder strap is included.

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  9. Wicked Ridge Case Crossbow Soft

    Wicked Ridge Case Crossbow Soft


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    Keep your crossbow in tip top condition with the Wicked Ridge Soft Crossbow case. Designed to fit all the essentials, this case is equipped with zippered pouches for storage, side panels to accommodate mounted optics and a compartment for arrows or other accessories. This case is perfect for traveling or storing your crossbow when not in use.

    Sturdy side panels for added depth
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