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There must be a reason for Barnett to have sold over one million crossbows worldwide. Barnett engineers were pioneers in developing the most desired features in a hunting weapon. It began with inventions like the Commando 'Self-Cocking' Crossbow, the first compound crossbow the 'Demon', carried on with the Patented Quick Detach Front End and continues today with a fully integrated crank cocking device attachment. Innovation on-top-of innovation combined with pioneering patents year after year have made Barnett the world's number one manufacturer of crossbows.

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  1. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

    Barnett Whitetail Hunter Crossbow


    The Barnett Whitetail Hunter Compound Crossbow has all you need, it has the looks, it has the style and most of all it is an accurate shot. The Whitetail Hunter shoots at an incredible 340 feet per second and has a draw weight of 160lb.

    340 FPS
    FPKE: 103
    Draw Weight: 160Lb
    Power Stroke: 16.125"
    Length: 34.25"
    Width ...Learn More

  2. Barnett Hyperghost 185lb

    Barnett Hyperghost 185lb


    Say hello to the all-new Hyper™ series: Barnett’s fastest, hardest-hitting hunting crossbows ever. The HyperGhost 405 crossbow features a new upgraded stock and our patented step-through riser. Three included Hyperflite™ arrows designed exclusively for use with Hyper crossbows put the power of a .204” small diameter arrow in your hands to hammer through any whitetail or ...Learn More

  3. Barnett Hyperghost 205lb

    Barnett Hyperghost 205lb


    The HyperGhost 425 puts the power in crossbow hunters’ hands to take down game with a single shot. Part of the all-new Hyper™ series, this high-performance crossbow comes packaged with Barnett’s exclusive Hyperflite™ arrows. These .204” small diameter arrows, designed exclusively for use with Hyper crossbows, harness incredible strength and power.

    Ultra-dee ...Learn More

  4. Barnett Raptor Pro

    Barnett Raptor Pro


    The Raptor series is a good thing that just keeps getting better. The latest leg up we gave to one of America's most popular crossbows: a fiberglass composite step-through riser. The integrated foot stirrup trims weight and lengthens the power stroke to up this baby's speed to a menacing 400 FPS. Although it has a compact size and feel, the lengthened stock is sized to comfortably fit ful ...Learn More

  5. Barnett Predator 430FPS

    Barnett Predator 430FPS


    Out of stock

    It's not just a predator, it's THE Predator®– the very top of the food chain

    For hunters who want the biggest hits possible, the Predator harnesses 430 feet per second backed by 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. We complemented that power with a Carbonlite™ riser that removes extra weight and adds balance. The unique RUCS System unfolds for further balance, ...Learn More

  6. Barnett TS390

    Barnett TS390


    Out of stock

    For those who walk through life with a tactical mindset… who tackle every task with vigilance… there's the TS 390. Debuting a new digital gray wrap, one-of-a-kind looks pair with premium features and ultimate comfort. All touchpoints (butt stock, cheek piece, pistol grip and foregrip) feature upgraded gripping pads, and the newly redesigned butt stock adjusts to each user fo ...Learn More

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