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Helle knives are made to withstand the stresses and strains of the extreme nordic outdoors. The different types of woods for the handles are hand picked and then it goes through a painstaking process of grinding, polishing and oiling is performed to offer full justice to the natural beauty of these materials. The Helle Knives are very unique with the steel used and that is because it´s triple laminated. The core is made of high alloy steel which gives it a lasting, razor-sharp edge and to exploit the superb qualities of the high alloy steel Helle added two layers of tough stainless steel (18/8) to protect the blade against breakage and corrosion, while the high carbon core still provides a superb cutting edge.

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  1. Helle Alden

    Helle Alden


    The Alden has a non-laminated stainless steel blade (12C27) and curly birch handle with stainless steel fittings towards the blade. It has a small and useful finger guard to fit in a pouch style sheath.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle Alden knife

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  2. Helle Algonquin

    Helle Algonquin


    The Helle Algonquin is handmade in Norway using darkened oak, curly birch and red leather inserts, the handle shape features a slight pommel at the end, as well as a small finger guard and thumb notch for maximum dexterity and superior handling. The 69 mm blade is made with Helle’s triple laminated stainless steel for unparalleled strength, sharpness and corrosion protection.

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  3. Helle Dokka

    Helle Dokka


    The Helle Dokka knife is a classic all-purpose folding knife and in fact the first Helle designed folding knife ever produced. It has a beautiful curly birch handle hiding the integrated steel liners. It is also one of a kind since it has the unique triple laminated stainless steel blade made by Helle.

    The Dokka comes with a genuine leather pouch with an integrated belt loop.
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  4. Helle Eggen

    Helle Eggen


    The Helle Eggen is a stout hunting knife with a drop point blade of triple laminated stainless steel. The substantial curly birch handle is shaped to form a finger guard. It is gives a solid feel in the hand and is comfortable for both medium and large hands.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle Eggen knife
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  5. Helle Fjellkniven

    Helle Fjellkniven


    This highly polished laminated stainless steel blade is shaped for every day chores. The comfortable grip is shaped to keep your hands off the blade. It comes with the traditional pouch style sheath that does not require a keeper strap.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle Fjellkniven knife

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  6. Helle Gaupe

    Helle Gaupe


    The Helle Gaupe's triple laminated stainless steel blade offers extraordinary sharpness. The knife sheath is a traditional Scandinavian design with the Lynx footprint as decoration.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle Gaupe knife

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  7. Helle GT

    Helle GT


    It is an excellent choice for those who like a fairly big knife with a guard. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel. The knife comes with a snap type leather sheath.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle-GT knife

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  8. Helle Harding

    Helle Harding


    The beautiful, warm handle is made from curly birch and darkened oak separated by layers of leather. It has a full length tang. The blade is made of razor sharp triple laminated stainless steel. It comes with an embossed leather sheath with a handle butt retainer. A knife you will treasure.

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  9. Helle Jegermester

    Helle Jegermester


    The Helle Jegermester is intended for the butchering of big game. The blade is thin made of 12C27 steel a steel that offers excellent edgeholding and sharpness. The knife comes with a pouch sheath. The handle is substantial with an attractive brass guard.

    Maintenance Guide for Helle Jegermester knife
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  10. Helle Fjellbekk

    Helle Fjellbekk


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    The Helle Fjellbekk with it's triple laminated stainless steel blade has a more curved edge for skinning and a dropping point. The walnut handle is shaped to give a secure finger guard to keep your hand off the blade. The knife comes in a brown leather sheath with a snap style keeper strap.

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