SkogKnife Micarta

Bushcraft Knives with a Modern Twist



Put your trust in Skogknife, finest handmade bushcraft knives that are designed to be tough and virtually indestructible.

Because each knife is made to last a lifetime it's fair to say that you never really own a SkogKnife, instead as a custodian it's your responsibility to oversee the transition to the next generation.

SkogKnife's no-compromise construction starts with prime material selection so it's no accident that the blade is made using super tough D2 carbon steel.

D2 steel is a high-carbon air hardened, high-chromium tool steel that has high wear and abrasion resistant properties and easily offers up a hardness of 58-62 HRC.

A modest 4mm blade thickness and scandi grind to give custodians many cutting advantages. Slicing, chopping and cutting tasks are simplified because of the strong razor sharp edge which provides exceptional user confidence.

SkogKnife Bocote

Bushcraft Knives Inspired by Nature



Bocote has to be one of the most eye catching hardwoods available so it's no wonder it's a preferred staple of knife fans. Bocote's striking deep grain and yellowish brown body has a naturally oily waxy feel for a good natural lustre that darkens with age and provides excellent grip properties.

SkogKnife scales are hand selected prior to cutting and forming. Scales are fastened securely with high grade stainless steel hex fasteners which can be easily removed for cleaning and general knife maintenance.

All knives in the SkogKnife Limited Edition series benefit from a handle that's 110mm in length, 26mm wide and approximately 20mm deep. SkogKnife's handles are ergonomically shaped to provide unbeatable hand comfort. The forefinger groove and butt provide exceptional grip properties even when wet.

SkogKnife Phenolcraft

Designed to Take Lifes Knocks



Phenolcraft is a tough phenolic resin polymer (as used in snooker balls) that can withstand immense impacts without chipping or cracking. Because phenolic resins density is so high the SkogKnife 'Phenolcraft' is the heaviest of Limited Edition series and arguably the toughest.

The SkogKnife Phenolcraft shares the same D2 steel full tang polished blade as the 'Micarta, Curly Birch and Bocote'. The blade has a razor sharp 9mm deep scani grind that runs almost the full length of the 103mm blade (5mm ricasso).

All SkogKnife knives are supplied in a protective real leather sheath. The sheath is produced from only the highest quality leather and boasts a dual belt loop configuration that allow you to carry the knife in the regular vertical way or alternatively linearly along a belt or strap.

SkogKnife Curly Birch

Strength Comes with Age



Slow grown Curly Birch is an excellent scale material for knife handle production. SkogKnife curly birch is selected from cultivated silver birch trees that grow across the narrow, cold band of countries in the world including Sweden which is where SkogKnife's birch comes from.

Silver Birch that grows slowly produces a higher density stock than those found in warmer regions of the globe. This slow growing process naturally produces a harder wearing wood that helps fight against disease, mould and general degradation.

Curly Birch is incredibly durable, a pleasure to work with, very easy to maintain and creates a flawless finish. SkogKnife recommend occasionally treating the knife scales to a boiled linseed oil bath, wax or polish to preserve this naturally stunning wood.

One of the many advantages for choosing SkogKnife's Curly Birch is that if you scratch it or damage it in the field simply sand out the damage and oil it. Easy, simple and great looking - it's probably why it's a favourite choice for knife handles.

SkogKnife Sweden

The SkogKnife Story

SkogKnife started as a hand drawn idea in November 2015 that quickly evolved into the inspiration for a range of knives that would eventually take us around the world, cost thousands in research and development and require nearly a year to put into production. So it is for these few simple reasons, all good reasons, why we are proud to introduce the Limited Edition series as the first commercially available collection of SkogKnives.

The natural beauty of the Sarek National Park in Sweden was the perfect location to test and refine our SkogKnife knife designs. Our location promised to be one of the wettest, coldest, most extreme environments we had experience to-date. With our base camp set amongst the picturesque back drop of the Swedish mountains and clearwater lakes, our Scandinavian adventure had begun.

Over the coming months our knives, in the experienced hands of our seasoned guides Ansgar and Gael, were pushed to their limits in a range of bushcraft exercises designed to test the blades and handle construction to the extreme limit. At the end it's fair to say we fell in love with Sweden, good people, great stories and fond memories, for this is reason we decided to dedicate our fabulous range of knives to beautiful Sweden – SkogKnife (Forest Knife).

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