This is Runlock!

Runlock is an innovative, revolutionary and indispensable tool. The perfect combination of strength, flexibility and durability. The unique design makes everything from strapping down gear to using as a clothesline to towing a fast and easy task without hassle! Runlock is fully adjustable, multi-functional, never tangles and knot-less!

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  1. Runlock Outdoor Set

    Runlock Outdoor Set


    The perfect combination of strength and flexibility for an active outdoor life style. Contains No16, perfect for dragging or lifting the heavy stuff. No8 for tie down and strapping equipment and No4 is perfect for hanging gear and clothes in the camp or why no use it as a tent line.

    3,5m No 16 fluorescent orange
    5m No 8 fluorescent yellow
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  2. Runlock Pro Hunting Set

    Runlock Pro Hunting Set


    Two perfect tools, carefully selected to fit the active hunter. No16 is strong and flexible, a tool for every situation, perfect for pulling games, or securing cargo. The dog leash is developed over years of testing during hunting and in harsh environments, and with its flexibility and easy adjustments it is the only leash you’ll ever need!

    3,5m No 16
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  3. Runlock Deer Drag

    Runlock Deer Drag


    An indispensable tool. It’s the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and durability. Runlock No 16 is the heavy duty tool, perfect for dragging deer or other large game, and the ability to stretch minimizes the risk of snatching back or breaking. The knot-less system will never get stuck or jam, and the fluorescent colour is clearly visible.

    Strong and durable, yet soft an ...Learn More

  4. Runlock Catch & Release Fishing Rope

    Runlock Catch & Release Fishing Rope


    Here's how to use RunLock C & R Rope
    Make a running string. Put a snap on the flounder's pole, keep in mind that you do not rub the fins yourself, as the fish rushes.
    Sometimes it can be easier to go with the engine to get the flounder's fin on the surface.
    NOTE! Do not lift the fish with a snare.
    After measuring the fish loosen the bait and remove the snare last of all. ...Learn More

  5.  Runlock Hunting Leash

    Runlock Hunting Leash


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    A light-weight adjustable leash with controlled choke function (semi choke). Rapid adjustment of the neck loop to fit different sizes, and easy to carry in your pocket. No noisy chains or hooks, manufactured in one piece and washable in machine. The Hunting leash handle can easily be transformed into a large loop to fit around the upper body.

    Hands free or hand held hunting leash
    N ...Learn More

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