Grilliput, The BBQ has evolved to a take away!

This great inovation called Grilliput Barbecue is just been made easier to take your BBQ any where and every where. Compact, Light, easy to take with you, Easy to assemble, doesn´t take up any space. 

What more can you ask for? 

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  1. Grilliput Duo Barbecue

    Grilliput Duo Barbecue


    Grill on the go! Bring it backpacking, boating or on the beach—the Grilliput Duo is lightweight and assembles quickly. Use it to grill over a FireBowl™ filled with fuel and cook enough food for 2–3 people. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it’s beefy, beautiful, easy to clean and deconstructs like a minimalist’s dream. It comes apart in seconds ...Learn More

  2. Grilliput Quattro

    Grilliput Quattro


    The Grilliput Barbecue has just made party grilling easier! The lightweight, portable, stainless steel Grilliput Quattro assembles in a flash and cooks up enough grub for four or more people. Grab it for your next tailgating party or campground cookout—it handles the beefiest of menus, has a “Hot Dog Zone” for smaller foods, cleans up like a champ and breaks ...Learn More

  3. Grilliput Flatpack Grill

    Grilliput Flatpack Grill


    The Flatpack portable grill & firepit packs compact for easy transportation to the beach, campsite or barbeque. It's constructed of stainless steel for durability and easy maintenance. After a quick 30 second set-up, you're ready to go. All you need to do to set up this grill is unfold it and place the grates on top. It has a stable base for safe grilling and the sides ser ...Learn More

  4. Grilliput Firebowl

    Grilliput Firebowl


    Perfect for low-impact camping or while canoeing or biking, the stainless steel FireBowl can be loaded with charcoal or wood and—voila! The fire is contained for safe and secure cooking. You'll save space and weight, too—the FireBowl weighs in at 10 oz. and can be packed with pre-loaded fuel inside its collapsible bowl. It's ideal for use with the Grilliput Duo&tra ...Learn More

  5. Grilliput Firebowl XL

    Grilliput Firebowl XL


    Cooking for a crew? Safely contain your grilling fuel and fire with the FireBowl XL. Its collapsible stainless steel construction is lightweight yet tough, making it easy to carry and assemble for backpacking, biking, canoeing or low-impact camping adventures. The perfect accessory to the Grilliput Quattro™ or other barbeques, its thoughtful construction allows you to ca ...Learn More

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