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The Ultimate Hunting Knives from Down Under

Down Under definitely know what they are doing, High quality carbon steel and genuine leather finishes make these incredible well balanced hunting knives are a must have for any serious hunter. Down Under knives are serious hardware for big game hunters, the brand gained notoriety in the film Crocodile Dundee with the infamous 'That's not a knife, now that's a knife' scene which featured the 'Outback' bowie knife.

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  1. Down Under Toothpick

    Down Under Toothpick


    We (Down Under) took the basic concept and gave it our trademark touch of classic styling and modern durability, with rust resistant materials and tough leather that feels as good as it looks. This isn't a replacement for a crowbar or an axe - it's a purebred fighting knife with the heft to get stuff done and the balance to make that weight all but disappear in your hands when you pick it up. W ...Learn More

  2. Down Under Mistress

    Down Under Mistress


    The Down Under Mistress is a superbly balanced knife in truly giant size. You will hardly find knives this huge on the market. The knife features a dual heat treated blade (edge 58-59 HRC, back 45-46 HRC) of 440C stainless steel, a genuine leather handle with machined brass guard and pommel and a firm leather sheath.

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  3. Down Under Razorback™

    Down Under Razorback™


    The back of the blade has a gentle downward curve for easy skinning and a bone cracker cut to avoid accidental piercing and to provide help in guiding the blade. The rear portion of the back has a razor sharp whittling edge for easy kindling, and the front heavy blade profile provides all the chopping and cutting power this style is famous for. The semi-full tang construction and full leather h ...Learn More

  4. Down Under The Bushmate™

    Down Under The Bushmate™


    We (Down Under) feel this type of knife is all about finesse and control, so we gave it just that: an unshiftable grip and plenty of surface for your thumb and index finger to keep the knife exactly where you want it. Coupled with a classic, proven blade design and gently curving, tapered back for extra smooth gliding properties this knife doesn't just feel like an extension - it feels like a n ...Learn More

  5. Down Under The Outback™ Mark II

    Down Under The Outback™ Mark II


    This is not a wall hanger - we (Down Under) set out to create the most devastatingly effective Bowie knife ever produced, and designed every detail like we mean it. Hack, slash, chop, cut, crush... This is one blade that will never let you down. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so we back this claim with a full five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. ...Learn More

  6. Down Under The Walkabout™

    Down Under The Walkabout™


    It's not all about being a mini-Outback™, though - if you can call an 12.5" knife mini-anything, that is. The Walkabout™ is easily one of the most utilitarian, no-nonsense hunting / general purpose knives out there, and the classic looks and all natural materials are sure to appeal to all outdoorsmen, collectors and anyone just looking for a damn fine bowie that does exactly what it ...Learn More

  7. Down Under Death Adder™

    Down Under Death Adder™


    Death Adder™ - like its reptilian namesake, capable of delivering a devastating strike in the blink of an eye. The Australian Death Adder can strike, deliver its venom and go back to strike position in 0.15 seconds, and with this dagger a properly trained knife fighter won't be far behind. The full tang 440C construction and uniquely contoured solid ebony grip makes the Death Adder™ ...Learn More

  8. Down Under Red Rock Raptor™

    Down Under Red Rock Raptor™


    The design of the Red Rock Raptor™ borrows elements from the legendary Kukri to get the raw speed and power necessary for chopping. Just like the highly appreciated The Outback™ the knife comes with a 5.5 mm strong drop-forged blade of 440C stainless steel, dual-tempered.

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  9. Down Under The Outback™ Eclipse

    Down Under The Outback™ Eclipse


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    The Outback™ now in a new additional version. The Outback Eclipse features a 1095 carbon steel blade honed to a razor sharp edge. The back retains some spring to it while the edge has been made hard enough to withstand hundreds or thousands of cuts with no perceptible dulling.

    This is not a wall hanger - we set out to create the most devastatingly effective Bowie knife ever produc ...Learn More

  10. Down Under Kookaburra™

    Down Under Kookaburra™


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    2-Knives-Kookaburra-Set. The Kookaburra™ throwing / hunting / utility knife with 440C stainless blade is heat treated to approximately RC52 to withstand the stress of repeated impacts - yet it still maintains a sharp edge so it can be used as a proper utility knife, unlike most throwers on the market today. Sharp enough to cut like any good hunting knife, heavy enough to chop like a full-size ...Learn More

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