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An Excellent Survival Machete Range

If you’re in a tough, harsh environment, you need a Cold Steel machete that will keep you out of trouble. Our collection of machetes will make short work of shrubs, branches, vines or anything else that may threaten your safe passage. Traditionally machetes have a heavy blade made of high carbon steel for strength, corrosion resistance and easy sharpening.

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  1. Cold Steel D Latin 18" Machete

    Cold Steel D Latin 18" Machete


    Have you been looking for a machete with extra reach and leverage? Perhaps something with a more traditional style blade and handle? Then Cold Steel has the tool for you! Our Latin Style Machetes are available with with eighteen, twenty-one or twenty four inch blade lengths. With their non-slip, shock absorbing rubber handles, they are perfect in almost every environmen ...Learn More

  2. Cold Steel Bolo Machete

    Cold Steel Bolo Machete


    Known throughout Asia and Pacific Rim, the Bolo Machetefeatures a "fat" point that shifts its weight forward where it can do the most good when heavy chopping or slashing is called for. When used as a survival tool, it will open a coconut or chop down a tree with equal ease. We have made some changes to the Bolo Machete for 2014. We have now added a longer, more curved ...Learn More

  3. Cold Steel Barong Machete

    Cold Steel Barong Machete


    Our Barong inspired Machete features a beautifully curved 18 inch leaf-shaped blade made from 1055 Carbon Steel with a baked on, matte black finish to aid in rust and corrosion resistance. Its traditionally influenced down-turned polypropylene handle is not only good looking, but it also helps anchor the blade in the hand when making hard chopping or slashing strokes. Each Barong comes co ...Learn More

  4. Cold Steel Heavy Machete

    Cold Steel Heavy Machete


    The Heavy Machete, as its name suggests, is one of the heaviest models in cold steel´s lineup. The stout 1055 carbon blade widens toward the tip for maximum cutting and chopping power.

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    ...Learn More
  5. Magnum Kukri Machete

    Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete


    There are very few knives in the world that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. It’s true that some of the best Kukris (like our Gurkha model) can be somewhat expensive, and while that “thoroughbred” performs extraordinarily well, sometimes what’s required is a good, inexpensive, “workhorse” model – and our Kukri Machetes ar ...Learn More

  6. Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete

    Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete


    Like the heavier All Terrain Chopper Machetes, the Slant Tip Machetes are designed for sheer cutting and chopping power in any environment! The European style slanted tip packs explosive performance – combining precision cutting, with weight-forward head-heavy chopping power - while the ergonomic polypropylene handle makes it comfortable to use all day, even when working in the toug ...Learn More

  7. Cold Steel Bowie Machete

    Cold Steel Bowie Machete


    Out of stock

    Cold Steel's Bowie Point Machete is quick, fast, and lively in the hand, making it an outstanding slashing blade and admirable chopper. But its most winning attribute is its clipped point, which makes it an excellent piercing tool. It will penetrate just about any obstacle in its path and will lend itself to knife-like utility jobs when a smaller handier blade is unavailable ...Learn More

  8. Cold Steel Gladius Machete

    Cold Steel Gladius Machete


    Out of stock

    Derived from the sword used by Celtic tribes of ancient Iberia (Spain) and adopted by the Roman Legions, the Gladius, with its long, narrow point and wasp waisted blade, was the scourge of the battlefield and often the last thing seen or felt by Rome's enemies.

    Ever popular, the Gladius is still in demand almost 2000 years later and is one of our most frequently r ...Learn More

  9. Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete

    Cold Steel Royal Kukri Machete


    Out of stock

    It’s hard to find a more versatile knife than a Kukri. A stalwart ally in a tight spot and an indispensable survival tool, a good Kukri is truly apocalypse proof! Our Royal Kukri Machete presents the blade’s keen point at a new, non-traditional angle, keeping the cutting power that made the Kukri the stuff of legend, but increasing its thrusting and piercing power. The handle, ...Learn More

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