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Cold Steel Knives, the strongest, sharpest knives in the world.

Over the last three decades, Cold Steel Tactical Knives have been at the forefront of the many innovations that have helped to define the knife industry as a whole. Cold steel use various grades of steel in their knife construction, VG-10, 4116 stainless steels, 1055, O-1, SK-5 high carbon steels, Japanese San Mai III, AUS 8A stainless steel and american CPM 3V tool steel. There is a Cold Steel Tactical Knife for every pocket.

Cold Steel demonstrate their products' strength, sharpness, edge retention and durability with hard hitting videos which can be found online. These videos often show Cold Steel knives and swords piercing car hoods, slicing through large free-hanging pieces of meat and bone and shearing free hanging rope with a single stroke.

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  1. Drop Forged Hunter

    Drop Forged Hunter XX


    The Drop Forged Hunter is expertly heat treated and drop forged from 52100 High Carbon steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 58-59 for superior toughness. It's continuously curved, super-wide blade is both sharp and strong, designed to put in great work in even the most demanding conditions.

    With no handle to break or no superfluous parts to rot, crack or get damaged in the field, the Wi ...Learn More

  2. Pendleton Lite Hunter

    Pendleton Lite Hunter


    If you're looking for a very affordable hunting/utility knife that comes with a good, pouch-style sheath and delivers more than your money's worth in performance and value look no further than the Pendleton Lite.

    UK dispatched
    Please allow from 3 to 5 days for delivery

    ...Learn More
  3. Pendleton Custom Classic

    Pendleton Custom Classic


     It has a 3 1/2" blade with a sharp yet sturdy point for piercing and a truly razor sharp edge with plenty of belly. Its hand crafted polished blade is hollow ground from 5 mm thick VG-1 San Mai III® stainless steel and boasts state of the art vacuum heat treatment, a sub zero quench and multiple tempering. With its tapered full tang construction and extra stout "spine" it's virtually ...Learn More

  4. OSS Hunting Knife

    OSS Hunting Knife


    The OSS® Hunting Knife offers all the advantages and performance of a custom knife at a fraction of the price. For the ultimate grip, the handle guard, and sub-hilt are injection molded in one in one integral piece of Kraton®. This manufacturing method makes the OSS® more affordable while delivering the durability, security, and control in the hand that the sub-h ...Learn More

  5. Secret Edge Neck Knife

    Secret Edge Neck Knife


    Rail thin, feather light, and flat like a pancake, the Secret Edgeis suitable for anyone in the market for an unobtrusive, yet highly effective neck knife. Unlike its heavier, bulkier rivals, the Secret Edge is so slim and at 3.2 ounces (including sheath) is a joy to wear without causing neck fatigue.

    UK disp ...Learn More

  6. Steel Tiger Karambit

    Steel Tiger Karambit


    The broadly curved AUS 8A stainless blade is beautifully polished, taper ground, and vacuum heat-treated and sub zero quenched, for maximum strength, cutting power and edge retention.

    But it’s the grip that really distinguishes it. Designed for comfort, strength and ease of use, it features a tough Grivory® core that encapsulates the tang, emerging as the bolster/thumbshelf ...Learn More

  7. Super Edge Boot/Neck Knife

    Super Edge Boot/Neck Knife


    The Super Edge is a hard working, sheath knife in the very smallest package available. This rugged little workhorse can cut through the tough materials that would make a bigger knife "choke". It's diminutive overall length and feather light Secure-Ex sheath make it a natural for attachment to a key ring, zipper pull, "D" ring or belt loop. It's light and comfortable.

    ...Learn More

  8. Magnum Warcraft Tanto

    Magnum Warcraft Tanto


    Featuring the same game-changing DLC coated American CPM 3-V steel as its smaller brother, but with a new 12" long blade that is 1.5" wide! This huge O Tanto has more weight, more reach and more cutting power and performs more like a short sword than a long knife. In fact, following extensive tests with the Warcraft Magnum Tanto.

    "This knife is a monster!"...Learn More

  9. Tanto Lite Tactical Knife

    Tanto Lite Knife


    The handles are made in two parts. They feature a Polypropylene guard, pommel, and core section, which totally envelopes the knives' full tangs. The core is then over-molded in a deeply checkered Kraton for a non-slip grip that's impervious to the elements and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

    To carry your knives safely and conveniently in the field, a pouch-style Cor-Ex sheath ...Learn More

  10. Kobun Tanto Tactical Knife

    Kobun Tanto Knife


    It features the Tanto styled reinforced point. This contrasts sharply with most boot knives on the market today which are notorious for their paper thin points which are easily broken or bent. In contrast, the Kobun's® point is highly resistant to bending or breaking because it is reinforced by the full thickness of the blade's spine which runs almost to the very tip of the blade.
    ...Learn More

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