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Since 1979 Al Mar knives has been dedicated to making exquisite knives including a high quality level that even rival manufacturers envy. Each Al Mar Knife is hand finished and hand sharpened to perfection by craftsmen dedicated to creating the best knives possible.

Having a sophisticated taste for quality and looks is owning an Al Mar pocket knife!

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  1. Al Mar Hawk Cocobolo

    Al Mar Hawk Cocobolo


    The Hawk™ Classic, an Al Mar Classic since 1979, is a perfectly sized “gentleman’s knife” reflecting timeless design and peerless craftsmanship in a larger size than the Osprey™. Made with the same attention to detail that you expect to see in a hand-made custom knife, each Hawk™ Classic features stainless steel bolsters, brass liners and includes a finely cr ...Learn More

  2. Al Mar SERE 2000™

    Al Mar SERE 2000™


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    The Al Mar SERE 2000™ is world renown as one of the strongest tactical folders in existence. Originally designed by Al Mar and Colonel Nick Rowe in the early 1980’s for the U.S. Army’s SERE school, today’s updated models is stronger, lighter and the most precision version ever made. Available in matte black with the new ceramic coating – the most corrosion and scr ...Learn More

  3. Al Mar Hawk Ultralight

    Al Mar Hawk Ultralight


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    The Ultralight™ Series are proof that high quality and strength can be thin and extremely lightweight. All Ultralights™ feature the Al Mar Front Lock, polished black Micarta® scales and dual stainless steel thumbstuds. The Ultralight Hawk makes the perfect every day carry knife!.

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  4. Al Mar SLB Stout Little Backup

    Al Mar SLB Stout Little Backup


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    The SLB™ 'Stout-Little-Backup' is just that: A stout knife, high in performance, small in size. It'll handle all of the heavy-duty chores and then disappear back in your pocket until needed again. Comes with a blackened stainless steel clothing/money clip.

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