80lb Cyclone Aluminium Pistol Crossbow

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Quick Overview

The 80lb Aluminium Crossbow is probably our most popular crossbow. It comes with an array of extra features not usually found on crossbows in this price range.

The new 80-lb. draw Cobra Crossbow system will fire a steel-tipped bolt more than 200 feet per second! Best of all, it's self-cocking. No more contortions or pulled muscles. Just pivot the arming lever and the heavy-gauge slide and bow cable cocks itself - engaging the automatic safety at the same time. Sighting, windage and elevation wheels click tune for accuracy. It launches bolts more than 100 yards!

Connecting the Limb
1. Insert the limb into the stock, making sure that the pressure pad is placed between the bow and the bow retaining screw.
2. Tighten bow screw using the allen key provided and attach the knock ends. (Do not over tighten)
3. With the help of a friend, apply the bow string by applying pressure to both sides of the limb.

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Cyclone Pistol Crossbow

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  • Cyclone Pistol Top Side View
  • Cyclone Pistol Front Sight
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Additional Information

Draw Weight80lb
Recommended Bolt6.5"